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Treatment of Whiplash

Auto accidents are a major cause of neck injuries, but many people sprain and strain the ligaments, tendons and muscles of their neck while participating in a variety of sports.

Falling backwards while on skates or slipping backward on a icy sidewalk can cause your head to "whip" backward, causing injury. Another cause of neck injury is getting struck from the side or from behind in such sports as soccer, basketball or even doubles tennis.

Symptoms of whiplash can include headaches, stiffness and pain in your neck, spasms and tightness between your shoulder blades and tingling and numbness down your arms into your fingers.

Treatment of cervical whiplash injuries include:

  • X-rays to rule out fracture. There are seven delicate vertebrae in your neck, and even a minor injury can cause damage.
  • Cervical Collar gives muscles a rest relieves spasms. It also helps to hold a gel ice pack in place.
  • Moist heat helps relax muscle spasms and increase circulation. Use a moist wash cloth under a hot water bottle
  • Ice is best if there is pain and swelling of the delicate joints connecting the vertebrae together. The reusable, soft gel-packs work the best.
  • Stretching every hour after using heat or ice helps relax tight muscles and improves flexibility and range-of-motion.                               Hope this helps!!    Dr Smith - Chiropractor