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Protect your Back this Thanksgiving

Preparing for company, standing up to cook for long periods of time and lifting that heavy turkey can wreak havoc on your back. Here are a few tips to keep back pain from putting a damper on your holiday festivities.

  1. Sit down when chopping and slicing. 
  2. Raise your cutting board. If sitting while chopping isn't an option, consider raising your cutting board so you are not constantly bending over which puts strain on your back.
  3. When standing at the counter, open a bottom cabinet door and place a foot on the shelf to alleviate pressure on your low back.
  4. Purchase an anti-fatigue standing mat. These mats have a shock-absorbing inner gel core that dramatically reduces wear on your low back spinal joints.
  5. Wear shoes that have good arch supports. If you have orthotics, make sure they are in your shoes.
  6. Use light-weight cooking and serving utensils. Some old-style pots, pans and serving platters are extremely heavy, consider buying and using newer, lighter cookware.         


                 Hope this helps!!    Dr Matt Smith Chiropractor