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  • Five tips to protect your Neck and Back doing yard Work
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Five tips to protect your Neck and Back doing yard Work

Spring has sprung in Saratoga Springs. With all the new equipment available today for lawn and leaf management the average homeowner can become a specialist overnight. All this power equipment can result in back and neck pain, as well as more serious muscular strains and tears if not used properly. The vibration and repedative  motion that your body undergoes when using such equipment can bring on a whole host of Biomechanical problems within your body.

I would like to offer the following tips to help you safely enjoy a pain-free, productive day in the yard:            

  1. If your piece of equipment has a strap, use it. Place the strap over your head on the shoulder opposite the piece of equipment. This will help normalize your center of gravity.
  2. If possible switch the equipment from side to side often, this will keep one set of muscles from being over-used.
  3. When picking up or putting down your equipment, bend at the knees, not at the waist. Also, keep the equipment close to your body as you lift, not at arm's length.
  4. Consider electric-powered equipment, especially if you experience neck or back pain, as they tend to be much lighter and easier to start then their gas powered counterparts
  5. Take frequent breaks when using power lawn equipment. Muscle fatigue can lead to injuries very quickly.

          I hope this helps!!