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Why Chiropractic Therapy is More Beneficial Than Painkillers

Why Chiropractors Offer Strong Pain Relief

Your doctor probably prescribed painkillers for your back pain. But chiropractic therapy offers strong pain relief. Find out why.

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Did you know that lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability in the world? It is estimated that over 80% of people will experience back pain at one point or another.

With so many cases of back pain, why isn't there a strong pain relief method to deal with back pain more effectively?

Well, the answer is simple, it's because doctors offer short-term solutions, such as pain relievers, that benefit them and their companies.

Instead of dealing with the actual problem, they deal with the symptoms. It is easier to manage the pain and keeps the patient dependent on opioids which gives the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies more money.

That is why we are going to break this cycle of painkiller dependency and show you why our chiropractic office, which is located in Saratoga Springs and Malta, NY, is more beneficial for strong pain relief that lasts.

Painkillers Damage the Body

Taking painkillers for back pain is very common when the problem first arises, whether your pain surfaced due to a car accident, you were hurt on the job or due to your poor physical condition.

But the thing is, people who suffer from back pain don't take painkillers for a year and then have the back pain magically disappear. You might attempt to go off of painkillers for a short period of time but then the pain resurfaces and you are forced to take them again.

Some people take these painkillers for the rest of their lives and never fully deal with the problem itself. It may be a strong pain relief at the time, but there is no actual long-term benefit for you.

You end up taking painkillers for a long period of time and you end up becoming addicted. You are now forced to take it every day just so you can function normally.

But what you don't realize is the long-term effects that these drugs have on your body. Opioids can increase your risk of a heart attack, it can damage your digestive tract, cause brain damage, and liver damage.

Researchers have also noticed that pain may amplify with long-term use of painkillers. And in worst case scenarios, opioid addictions can cause death.

Another common issue that may arise from painkillers is overuse of your back. For example, you begin to lift heavy objects again and or you get back to your sports before your body is ready.

This can cause more damage to your body because your back hasn't properly healed, you have just numbed the pain for the time being. This makes you believe that you can get back to your regular activities but instead, you are injuring yourself even more.

Now all of these other issues arise just because you were told to take opioids to deal with your back pain.

So now that you know that negative effects of painkillers, let's describe what chiropractic therapy actually is.

What is Chiropractic Therapy?

Chiropractic therapy is a safe and non-surgical method that treats mechanical disorders and injuries with a focus on the spine.

It consists of hands-on spinal manipulation and it focuses on strengthening the surrounding structures in your body to prevent and treat chronic pain.

It is believed that aligning the spine will help your body heal itself without invasive surgical procedures. It restores the patients' mobility and functionality.

However, manipulation of the joints and soft tissues also occur.

Chiropractic care consists of both preventative measures and restorative measures and it usually overlaps with other therapies, such as massage and physical therapy.

How Is It a Strong Pain Relief?

Th reason chiropractic therapy is more beneficial for pain relief is that we do not just deal with your symptoms, we focus on your ability to function in everyday life, reduce pressure on your body and we improve your overall health.

This is a strong pain relief method for the long-term, not just for the moment.

Even though your back can never truly heal itself to the state it was before, especially if you suffer from herniated or bulging discs, this form of rehabilitation can still help you get back to your daily activities.

Our doctors don't just simply crack your back for a few months and convince you that you're back to normal. Instead, we offer treatment plans that you can use for the rest of your life.

We show you exercises that you can implement every day to strengthen your back, we offer stretching techniques to keep your body loose and relaxed, and we even adjust your posture so that you can prevent aches and pains.

Suffering from back pain can sometimes be a long and stressful process, but that does not mean you have to go through it alone. Our doctors specialize their treatment plans to best fit your needs for fast and effective results.

Chiropractic therapy offers strong pain relief because we encompass every aspect that may cause your back pain, not just with the pain itself.

But if you still need some more convincing, check out the testimonials of patients we helped during their time of need.

Our Services

We offer more than just chiropractic therapy, our services also include massage therapy, sports injuries, weight loss, and self-care.

Our massage therapy is located on South Broadway. It offers massages ranging from Deep Tissue to Light Touch Swedish. We even offer massages for pregnancies.

Our sports injury services include healing joint conditions such as Rotator Cuff Strains, Carpal Tunnel and, Plantar Fascitis.

Our weight loss program uses techniques such as behavior modification with your coaches. We don't agree with pre-packaging your meals or offering you weight loss supplements.

Last but not least, we offer self-care services so that you can effectively maintain your health and avoid reinjury. We show you proper sleeping positions to icing and heating techniques.

So what are you waiting for?

If you need strong pain relief as soon as possible, book an appointment with us and we can guide you every step of the way.