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Christmas Gifts for Neck and Back Health

Here are some great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays to help that special someone take better care of their neck and back.

  1. Orthopedic Pillow - Has a special indentation in the center of the pillow to support your head and helps maintain the proper curve in your cervical spine.
  2. Lumbar Chair Pillow - Can be used in the car or at the computer, helps maintain the proper lumbar lordosis and prevents low back muscles from tightening up.
  3. Sports Injury Gel Packs - New State-of-the-art cold gel packs get 2-3 times colder than ice, but stay soft and flexible to form around the boney contours of ankles, knees and your spine.
  4. Moist Heat Neck Pack - This microwavable u-shaped pack is filled with special beads that absorb moisture from the air and provide soothing relief for neck pain and stiffness.   

                Hope This Helps !       Dr. Smith - Chiropractor